4 Reasons Why We Love Tattoos And You Should Too!

Sometimes, people just don’t understand why tattoos are awesome. If you’re a frequent browser of InkDoneRight, you already know some amazing benefits of tattoos and what makes them so lovable. However, maybe you’re a newcomer (welcome!), or maybe you need to convince someone that tattoos are awesome. Here are 4  reasons why we love tattoos and you should too! Even if you’re a tattoo veteran, a lot of these benefits aren’t widely known because they are new discoveries or ideas. If you find something you didn’t know, spread the good word to your friends about what makes tattoos so great!

1. Tattoos Are Good For Your Health

This one is the biggest thing we love about tattoos. A good mantra gets you through even the worst days. A reminder of the things you love makes you smile whenever you look at it. Walking around with your tattoo showing gives you a sense of pride. Even a small, concealed ankle tattoo gives you the pleasure of a little secret and the knowledge that you control your body.

Other than psychological health, getting a tattoo can have a net positive benefit to your physical body. The more tattoos you get, the stronger your immune system becomes. This is because you open your body up to pathogens…but also immediately care for them. You slowly build up an immunity to these weaker invaders and train your immune system to fend off the serious diseases. People with lots of tattoos fight off diseases faster than their non-tattooed counterparts. That’s not to mention the fact that lots of tattoo sessions help a bunch with your pain tolerance!


2. Tattoos Benefit Society

The obvious benefit to society is the introduction of new art to the general populace. Art museums are sometimes expensive and other times difficult to access for people. A lot of times, people just don’t have the time to visit museums or browse the net for art that appeals to them. Tattoos fill the gap and allow the art a walking display wherever you go. Pretty nifty!

Tattoos also expand the world view of society. They allow for all sorts of religious expression, which in turn ‘normalizes’ those religions…as they should be! All world views should be treated equally by society unless the practicing person directly harms the liberties of others. Tattoos are an opportunity to introduce new beliefs about religion, society, politics, and so on without being intrusive in the lives of others. Others start up the conversation and not the other way around! If you love a cause enough to get a tattoo of it, then I’m certain you’ll see how that message benefits society.


3. They Send A Message

Speaking of messages, tattoos give you the opportunity to send a message without saying a single word. You can honor a loved one with a memorial tattoo. Something they loved, the dates of their life, or a portrait all tell others about what they were like in life and how you still honor them in death. You can support a cause by getting a ribbon tattooed for cancer. Helmets, guns, and the American flag support our troops. Crosses tell others about your religion or dedication. Even things without symbolic meaning tell others about your inner self. Your favorite flower, your zodiac sign, and your favorite animal are all amazing conversation starters and things you can take pride in.

Of course, the message doesn’t have to be to others. It can also be to yourself. Reading a mantra on your chest or arm every morning reminds you of what’s important to you. It reminds you to live up to the message that your past self sent forward to you. You can even use them as a tool in your daily life, if you’re clever about designs!


4. They Are A Beautiful Form Of Art

Ultimately, tattoos are a wonderful form of art that uses your body as a canvas. The designs that you choose are irreplaceable and follow you for the rest of your life. You can look at them whenever you want and take pride in the art that you brought into this world. The best reason to get a tattoo is always because you want it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, have some deep meaning, or contribute to your health. It just has to be something you love and appreciate!

Why We Love Tattoos And You Should Too!

I think the reasons why we love tattoos, and you should too, are clear. They’re amazing works of art, they boost your self-confidence, they can serve a function for you, they introduce new views to society, and they benefit your health. Honestly, what more can you ask from a little bit of ink and a few hours with an artist? Tattoos do require careful aftercare for them to achieve their full beneficial effects, but I’m sure you’ll see the benefits immediately after you get your tattoo. We absolutely love the amazing inked world and hope you find your own reasons to enjoy this beautiful art form! As always, thanks for reading!